January 22: Sunday at Managua

We spent an entire Sunday touring and making ourselves acquainted with Managua and learning the history of Nicaragua, from ancient to the political turmoil on the last century to the present. From the earthquake ravaged cathedral, to the  new baseball stadium, to Casa Ben Linder, to narrative murals, lunch on the Malecon, a visit inside a painters/ muralist home and finally a musical Mass, we experienced a jam packed day of information, impressions  and connections. We enjoy a surprising fondness of rice and beans and are tantalized by the smell of it cooking as we pass through the streets. Our newfound friends from NC and points beyond are delightful and bring a wide range of talents to the setting. Not since our college days (and before we build the SOTH rest home ) have we shared sleeping space with friends- - -it works. Donna says to mention the cold showers (no hot water), but truly, it feels good at the end of the day.
     We are ready to see what the work-setting of the week looks like and are humbled at every turn by the dedication, resilience and spirit of the people of Nicaragua who experience earthquakes, hurricanes, corrupt governments, and still seem to find a way. Stay tuned for more from Nicaragua as the week develops. We love you all and thank you for your help in making this experience possible for the SOTH contingent.


Carol Z

P.S. Ellen is doing fine!


Mass with this mural as a backdrop in Batahola Norte Cultural Center.

The post earthquake "shell" of the Cathedral on the plaza.

Painter, Gerardo, inside his home, explaining his art.